Office Bully

It’s been my experience that adult bullies are unhappy people.  They don’t like their job, significant other, living space, etc. and the best way to feel better is to make someone else unhappy.

I have a friend, “James”, who has been divorced a few times and is now happily remarried.  A coworker of his, “John”, is in his first marriage; he is miserable.  Instead of fixing his own dismal situation, John pokes and badgers James at every opportunity and tries to make him feel bad because of the previous unsuccessful marriages.  What a happy environment.  

A 2014 study by the Workplace Bullying Institute is full of details and statistics about bullies at work.  One of the most interesting was that 32% of employers said that workplace bullying either is a non-issue or that they’d never even heard of it.  The other 68% said it was a serious problem.  That is a lot of bullies.

Read the full Duluth Boxing article here.


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