Have you ever donated sheets or blankets to a quilting group? Or maybe you inherited a stash of fabric and didn’t know what to do with it, so you gave it to someone to get rid of it. Let me give you an idea of what may have happened to those treasures.

The quilting group I’m in (Zion Lutheran Quilters of Mayer, MN) meets weekly to assemble patchwork quilts. We get together during the off-season of farming, so late fall to early spring.  Our blankets are various sizes and materials–since we work mostly with donations. They have a “serged” outer border, but some are given an upgrade to mitered-edge binding, and they are all hand-tied.

Last year we donated almost 180 creations to charitable organizations around the globe. Each year we keep a few back to sell. These reduced prices are more than reasonable! The money raised helps us purchase the batting for the middle layer and a little bit of fabric to supplement donations. Perhaps there’s one in here for you?

Contact Roxanne at RoxanneWilmes@Gmail.com for more information.

Snowman Lap Quilt
Patriotic Snowman lap quilt 44″ x 36″ –Quilt is serged at the edges $25
Cardinal Front Maroon Back
Cardinal Patchwork Quilt with maroon back. 79″ x 56″ –serged edges $30
Poinsettia and Christmas quilt/multi-patterned back. 48″ x 54″ with serged edges $30
Dove patchwork with navy back 53″ x 67″ with bound edges $40
Pink/maroon poinsettia w/ sparkle fabric block and black back. 53″ x 68″ — bound edges $30
This beautiful quilt is Christmas themed– 58″ x 53″ with bound edges and only $45!
Angel and Christmas patchwork with brown back- serged edges 66″ x 52″ only $35

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