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I watched an interview with John Mellencamp where he said he felt like he needed to make something every day. Most people know him as a musician, but he’s also a very well-respected artist. I understand that compulsion to produce.

I’ve always fancied myself a creative person. Not so much that I can MacGyver my way out of tricky situations, but more like I make interesting items. I need to “make” something every day. It may not always be something tangible, I have a very large mental file of ideas, but that’s still creating in my book.

We rented a house for eleven months a couple of years ago. Knowing we’d be moving again soon, we stored a good portion of our household in boxes and bins in one bedroom of the rental. We called it the storeroom—not very creative. Sometimes I would wander down there and just stand in the middle of our stuff and let the anxiety wash over me. All my things were there, but I couldn’t access them.

I soon realized what the anxiety was, I had stopped creating.

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