Sad-Adult-at-Water[1]The adult board members of a youth sports club are gathering for a meeting.  A small group has done the majority of the work necessary for an upcoming event.  The remaining members sit together and discuss their night out after the last meeting.  The “workers” discuss changes to procedure and materials that will make things flow smoother in the future.  The others immediately vote down any changes.  Things will remain how they like them.  It’s not important that they are not doing the work.

A group of parents gather to do some work for an elementary school.  Instead of the work being completed quickly and completely, great time is spent gossiping about students and parents of the school.  Intimate details of families’ struggles are shared and discussed with no regard to sensitivity or factual content.

What do these two scenarios have in common?  Both feature adult bullies.  It’s kind of like what many experience in adolescence, only worse.  These people should have the cognitive sense to know what they are doing is hurtful and wrong.

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