I don’t know about your profession, but in the hotel business we’re always on the hunt for good talent. Lately we seem to be discussing this much more frequently, as it’s gotten to be a very competitive field. That begs the question, what makes good employees stay? Here are my top seven reasons why they may stick around.

  1. Money. But not just in their pocket. Employees want to know that they have some security and that the company is not constantly scraping by, watching every penny. Of course their salary and bonus package is important, but money’s not always the number one reason why employees are happy…or not.
  2. Office culture. Yes, it may sound a bit cliché, but how things flow around the building matters. People want to be comfortable, have some fun, and feel like they’re part of something good. If you’ve got a cube farm full of worker-bees who rarely interact with anyone, you may want to re-evaluate the culture of your company. Unless you’ve got crazy low turn-over. If that’s the case you’re a unicorn. Carry on.

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