hotel fees

Dear Roxy,

Why is it so hard to figure out what fees a hotel will charge you, and why is it that “nicer” the property, the more fees they charge – e.g. Wi-Fi, breakfast, parking, etc. How am I supposed to budget my trip when I can’t find the information (i.e booking through 3rd party website)?

I recently had a trip where I had to split my stay over two hotels near an airport. The 2.5 star hotel had free Wi-Fi, free parking, whereas the 3 star hotel didn’t have free anything; the parking ended up costing 50% of what I paid for the room since I got a deal!”

Nick C from Oregon

Well, Nick, this is a good question…in fact, this is the hardest question Dear Roxy has had to answer! My first instinct as to why some hotels charge for services and amenities was to say, “Because they can! It’s economics…supply and demand…elasticity of demand…” etc. But I will try to give you an answer as best as I can, with minimal snark. After all, this is the kind of stuff I spend months (if not years) teaching hoteliers.

Finish reading article here.


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