Hi Roxy –

What’s appropriate when it comes to tipping at a hotel, and how to do so without the awkwardness (especially when you don’t have cash)? I’m also skeptical about tipping hotel cleaning staff – should we be leaving some bills for maid service?

Some guidance to feeling a little less awkward about all this would be really appreciated.

Dayna in Richmond

hotel tipping

As the gag goes, tipping is not a city in China! Yes, you need to tip if you want good service and products. It really is that simple. We’ve all seen the movies with the debonair man dressed to the nines who just nonchalantly slips the tip into the hand of the doorman, concierge, etc. For the rest of us, we fumble awkwardly with luggage, carry-ons, and purses while trying to find cash in our plastic-filled wallets. So what do we do?

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